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Here's the people behind the Confidential Affairs Report, who work very hard bringing you the best possible privacy information for the last 18 years.

  Here's Robert Eugene, the owner of Teague Publishing, and publisher of the Confidential Affairs Report. Besides being the publisher bringing it all together, Robert brings 18 years of practicing what he preaches—privacy, low profile and underrepresented freedoms.

  Then they're Gene T., who with years of experience, covers and reports on computers, internet and all forms of electronic communications.They are one hell of a team. Our crew will go that extra mile in helping you do what it takes to secure your privacy and take back your freedoms.

The Confidential Affairs Privacy Report was founded in 2001 and has never deviated from it's prime foundation based on personal privacy, freedoms and the defense of the Constitution.

  Robert has published the Confidential Affairs Privacy Report for 18 years. He launched the report after he realized the government started using the terrorist attack to take away American's freedoms. It just pissed him off!

And the crew practices what Robert preaches. They all respect your privacy.



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And if you subscribe, we mail your issues by first class mail, never our name or address on the outside.

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