Should Authorities  be able to track or trace you?

In today's world of inexpensive, high-tech spying devices, total privacy has become a rare and precious thing. A special agent for the FBI says, “Don't assume that you are alone, not ever.”

Cameras are used to monitor people in public public places like banks and shopping malls. In addition, tiny wireless cameras that sell for less than one hundred dollars are being used by officials for less-than-honorable purposes.

Of course,cameras are only one small part of the many ways they are using to steal your privacy. Be on guard. A few things you can do right now that will provide some privacy.

<> Avoid being a person-of-interest......

<> Avoid surveillance....
Be alert to your surroundings.
A van, for instance, that is out
of place can contain hidden video equipment watching you

<> Stay out of databases....
Don't fill out online forms.
Don't sign up for free online newsletters,Never give out your personal information online

<> Don't be tracked.....

<> Cameras........
Always be alert of their locations so as to avoid them.
Also, be alert of anyone
pointing a cell phone instead
of talking or texting.
<> Don't try to pass a fake ID. Today's modern tech. It's not possible.

<> Avoid being profiled at all cost....

<> Never give your real email address..

<> Don't standout, blend in.....

<> Don't be listened to, the walls have ears.....

These ideas are only a drop in the bucket you need to do to insure your personal privacy.

The Confidential Affairs Privacy Report

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Today's personal privacy invasions, as serious as they are,
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